North Carolina Cell Phone Laws and Distracted Driving

By R. Kenneth Helms, Jr. October 28, 2019

Personal Injury

What are the North Carolina Cell Phone Laws Restricting Phone Usage While Driving?

In order to promote safer roadways, North Carolina has enacted cell phone laws to restrict phone usage while driving. No driver is permitted to manually text while driving, although the laws specifically allow the use of voice to text features. In fact, the offense of texting while driving is serious enough that it is considered a primary law. This means that police officers are allowed to stop someone solely for texting and driving without any other charge. Drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use a device of any kind while driving and will be subject to a fine if determined to be breaking this rule. Drivers over the age of 18 are not restricted on handheld or hands-free phone usage for navigation and talking purposes, but they are prohibited from texting while operating the vehicle.

Distracted Driving

Although there are minimal North Carolina cell phone laws restricting phone usage for adults, this does not necessarily mean that you can or should be on your phone while driving. If you are involved in a wreck while using your phone, then you can be held liable for the wreck and any personal injuries resulting from the wreck. Distracted driving can consist of any activity that takes your full attention away from driving safely, including any form of cell phone usage, eating, adjusting the radio, or even chatting with your passengers.

Collecting Compensation

After a car wreck, you may be allowed to collect compensation for your injuries if you are not at fault. However, this compensation is not automatic. You must file a claim with the person’s insurance company and, if you cannot reach an agreement, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary.

If you were using your phone when the wreck occurred, then your attorney will also work to prove the legality of the usage and show that you were not a distracted driver.

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