Understanding the North Carolina DMV Point System

February 18, 2019


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The North Carolina DMV Point System

If you are issued a traffic citation and you are convicted of the underlying offense, you will receive DMV points which show up on your North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles driving record. According to the DMV point system, if you accumulate seven points on your record, then the DMV may require you attend a driver improvement clinic, which may help to reduce your total number of points on your record. If you accumulate twelve points within a three-year period, then the DMV can suspend your license.

Keep in mind, that the DMV can suspend your license for reasons other than those mentioned above. You should read the North Carolina DMV Driver Handbook for more information.

I Don’t Want Points on My Driving Record, so What Can I Do?

Always practice safe driving habit. But, if you are issued a traffic ticket, then call Helms Law Group, P.A. right away at (704) 289-4577. One of our experienced attorneys will help guide you through the confusion and help you get the best possible outcome for your traffic citation by negotiating on your behalf with the District Attorney’s office. Do not attempt to handle your traffic citation on your own or pay it online.

How Many DMV Points Will Be on My Record?

The following examples are based on information available from the North Carolina DMV handbook, revised April 2018. For more information, visit the North Carolina DMV website.

  • For some moving violations, such as speeding, you will get two DMV points.
  • For speeding in a school zone, you will get three DMV points.
  • For running through a red light or a stop sign, you will get three DMV points.
  • For illegal passing, following too closely, and reckless driving, you will get four DMV points.
  • For aggressive driving, or passing a stopped school bus, you will get five DMV points.

How Will This Affect My Car Insurance Rate?

DMV points do not necessarily impact your car insurance rate; however, the North Carolina Department of Insurance has its own point system for traffic offenses, which will increase your insurance rate. For more information on this topic, see our blog post on insurance points: How Much Will My Car Insurance Rate Increase for a Traffic Ticket?

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