Traffic Ticket Defense

Union County Lawyers Handling Speeding Tickets and Traffic Ticket Defense

Too often, a small mistake, even a traffic ticket, can become a major hassle. Mistakes happen, and we understand that. Maybe you were passing through on vacation or you live here, either way, we can help your traffic ticket defense.

Were you caught speeding, driving left of center, or running a stop light or stop sign? Traffic tickets often have hidden costs that you may be unaware of. A speeding or reckless driving ticket will cause your insurance rates to go up and will put points on your driver’s license. You need to talk to one of our lawyers about your traffic ticket today. One phone call could help save you a lot of money.

We may be able to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Our lawyers will examine the the facts of your case and inform you of the possible outcomes.

For most traffic violations, our attorneys can handle the case without you ever having to step foot in the courtroom. Contact us today.