Property Rights

Property Rights Attorneys Serving Union County and Surrounding Areas

Every property owner has property rights. Whether your land is being condemned by the government or a neighbor is claiming that he or she has an easement over your land, you need a local and knowledgeable attorney from Helms Law Group, PA who can help you.

Defending Your Property and Land Use Rights

Our real estate lawyers represent clients whose property rights have been threatened. We have assisted clients involved a variety of land disputes, including:

  • Condemnation: When the government condemns your land for public use, such as for the new Monroe Bypass, you have a right to fair compensation for your property. We will fight to secure you the fair compensation you deserve.
  • Re-zoning disputes: Whether you want to prevent your land from being re-zoned, or whether you are a commercial developer and need assistance with the re-zoning process, our attorneys are qualified to assist you.
  • Easements, restrictive covenants and rights of way: If your neighbor is encroaching on your land, or you need an easement to get to your land-locked property, call us today and meet with an attorney to find out your rights.
  • Homeowners’ associations: If you are being fined or thrown off your property due to a homeowners’ association, we can help defend your interests and your right to the property. We also represent commercial developers to draft restrictive covenants, and homeowners’ associations that wish to enforce their rules.
  • Partitioning or dividing property: If you own land with another person as a tenant in common, you have the right to partition the land so you can own your piece of it individually. We can help you enforce this right and divide your land.

Regardless of the type of real estate issue, our attorneys will give you the honest and dedicated counsel you need. Contact the attorneys at Helms Law Group, PA for an assessment of your case and answers to your real estate questions.