Animal Attacks

Dog Bite or Animal Attacks

Every property owner has a responsibility to protect others from hazards on his or her property. Under the law, this responsibility is called premises liability, and its principles extend to property like dogs and other domestic animals. Owners are responsible for any dog bite or animal attack injuries caused by their animals.

While dogs, cats and other pets can sometimes have a mind of their own, it is the owner’s responsibility to properly leash pets and protect others from potential animal attacks. When an animal owner fails to do so, and the pet bites or otherwise attacks another person, the owner may be held responsible for the physical and emotional trauma the injured person suffered.

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

While you have a right to recover damages for what you suffered as a dog bite victim, actually recovering fair compensation may not be easy. Our team of attorneys at Helms Law Group, PA in Union County, North Carolina, can help develop and present a case for maximum compensation to the at-fault party’s insurance company or in a lawsuit if necessary. Contact us today.