Is the government trying to take your land? Is your property located in the path of a new highway or road widening project?  If so, you need a skilled and experienced attorney to help you secure fair compensation for your property.

Understanding Eminent Domain

Eminent domain gives the government the right to condemn private land for public use.  The building of roads, schools, utilities and parks are just some of the many circumstances where a government agency can take your land for public use. If this has happened to you, or is going to happen to you, the government must pay you fair compensation. You need an attorney to help determine what is fair, and to fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Contact Helms Law Group, PA today to meet with one of our real estate attorneys.

Experienced Utilities Condemnations Lawyers

Utilities such as gas, water or sewer are all for the good of the community; however, when the proposed utilities cut across your land, you deserve fair and just compensation for your loss. Our attorneys can negotiate with the city, county, or utility company so that you get the money you deserve for your land. Our eminent domain attorneys will make sure that you understand your property rights and options.