Zoning and Land Use

Zoning And Land Use Changes In Monroe And The Union County Area

With the booming growth in Union County, several changes have and will take place. Yesterday’s residential area is today’s commercial development. Rural Union County farms have become housing subdivisions and grocery stores. If you own property that needs a zoning or land use change, call the real estate lawyers at Helms Law Group, PA in Monroe, North Carolina.

Zoning issues? We can help. Our attorneys work on a regular basis with real property issues in every municipality within Union County. Our attorneys will guide you through the zoning change process to make sure that your request is handled properly. We can also help you prepare for zoning hearings.

Do you need a special use or conditional use permit? We help landowners apply for permits to allow for special uses. Do you need a variance for a sewage disposal alternative such as an on-site treatment facility? Do you need a permit to allow radio or cell phone towers on your property? Whatever the need for change, our attorneys at Helms Law Group, PA can help you with the process.